Subscription Management

Drive new business model innovation and enable recurring relationships to generate additional revenue from your goods and services. Oracle Subscription Management integrates front- and back-office processes on one highly efficient platform.

Subscription 360-Degree View

Provide customer data in one comprehensive view to enable a complete understanding of subscription activity.

Improved Subscriber Satisfaction

Perform subscription changes with guaranteed back office alignment for long term customer satisfaction.

Fixed and Recurring Order Flexibility

Support thousands of models of pricing, delivery, billing, and multiple customer touchpoints.

Single Vendor, Full Stack Solution

Leverage a cloud-based application with seamless integration of front- and back-office processes on one highly efficient platform.

Revenue Recognition Rule Preservation

Maintain revenue recognition in your core ERP systems where preferred by the majority of CFOs.

Existing Solution Utilization

Employ existing core functionality for added benefit, and avoid creating niche solutions with duplication and overlap.


Leadership Makes a Difference
Oracle ERP Cloud is a Leader for the third consecutive year in the Gartner Magic Quadrant 2019 report. This report is a must-read for finance and operations leaders to help with evaluating and selecting ERP cloud solutions.
Subscription Services Are Coming to an Industry Near You
Subscriptions are becoming a revenue model for thousands of companies selling everything from cars and jet engines to clothing, entertainment, and education services. Take a look at several new subscription models and what's required to manage them.
The End of Ownership
Where once there was a narrow selection of vendors offering a limited range of products, we now have a seemingly endless selection of offerings with a vast range of consumption options.
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