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Talent Management

Seven Steps to Building a High-Impact Learning Culture

Employees increasingly value a workplace that nurtures learning


Leadership Development: Seven Steps to Success

By employing consistent, organization-wide talent management programs at all levels, companies can develop effective leadership and return significant business value.


Social in the Oracle HCM Cloud

Leverage the potential for social technologies to generate superior business performance for your company


Social Networking with a Purpose: Acquire More Talent by Combining Referrals with Social Media
Most recruiters face tremendous pressure to fill open positions from limited talent pools. They post jobs, search networks and sift through résumés. Meanwhile, those that use social networking tools may see thousands of unqualified applicants respond with little accompanying increase in quality. However, there’s a silver lining that lies in your employees’ social networks. The way to access and harness that power is to combine a company-wide referral strategy with social networking tools that make it easy for your employees (and alumni) to refer the most qualified, talented recruits within their social networks.


A Framework for Implementing World-Class Talent Management

The highest performing businesses are re-focusing on talent management. Here’s how.


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