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Oracle Database Cloud Service White Paper
The Oracle Database Cloud Service provides a unique combination of the simplicity and ease of use promised by Cloud computing and the power, productivity and robustness which are the hallmarks of Oracle technology.
Creating value with the Oracle Database Cloud Service
The Oracle Database Cloud Service delivers this transformative value through a combination of features that enhance the use of your data, including business productivity applications, interactive reports, websheets, and the ability to use an iterative development methodology to facilitate creation of custom applications that match the needs and requirements of information consumers.
Oracle Database and the Oracle Database Cloud
This paper describes where the Oracle Database Cloud fits in the taxonomy of Cloud computing, how it relates to the standard Oracle Database, and the path between the Oracle Database Cloud and the Oracle Database.
Security and the Oracle Database Cloud
This paper reviews the security architecture of the Oracle Database Cloud, highlights the security features used to implement the Database Cloud, and covers different security options for using RESTful Web Services with the Database Cloud.
Oracle Database Cloud Service security lockdown
The Oracle Database Cloud includes a subset of the features and functionality of a standard Oracle Database, based on the need to protect the data and performance integrity of all tenants. This paper contains all restrictions implemented for the Oracle Database Cloud, as compared to an Oracle Database.
Performance with the Oracle Database Cloud
This paper describes how the Oracle Database Cloud delivers world-class performance for all tenants using the Database Cloud.
RESTful Web Services and the Oracle Database Cloud
RESTful Web Services are a standard method of implementing lightweight Web Services. This paper describes how to create and use RESTful Web Services with the Oracle Database Cloud and explores the options you can use when creating these Web Services.
Data movement and the Oracle Database Cloud
This paper describes how to load data to and unload data from the Oracle Database Cloud.
Database Backup
Oracle Database Backup Service - Technical White Paper
This technical paper provides a solution overview, process description, and best practices for the Oracle Database Backup Service.
Enterprise Planning
Accelerating EPM Deployment with Planning in the Cloud

Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service helps organizations overcome the challenges of planning in unpredictable operating conditions and enables them to rapidly adopt a world-class planning solution with the simplicity of cloud.

The Latest CFO Research Shows a Desire for More Cloud Deployments
Read the CFO Research Report from Longitude Research commissioned by Oracle and Accenture to see how 930 CFOs from around the world are managing change and driving growth in a disruptive and unpredictable business environment
Financial Reporting
Report: The Latest CFO Research Shows a Desire for More Cloud Deployments
Read the CFO Research Report from Longitude Research commissioned by Oracle and Accenture to see how 930 CFOs from around the world are managing change and driving growth in a disruptive and unpredictable business environment.
Integration with Oracle Fusion Financials Cloud Service
With Fusion Financials Cloud Service your integration requirements can easily be met with ADF Services, ADF Desktop Integration, File Based Data Import, and Reporting Tools.
Reporting Tools in Oracle Fusion Financials
Find out about the different reporting options available in Oracle Fusion Financials and their suggested uses.
Global Human Resources
Modern Workforce Management Defined: Impacting the Bottom Line
The need to keep the workforce engaged, reduce labor costs while improving productivity, efficiency, and empowering individuals with the right mobile and social technology has never been more critical.
You've Expanded your Global Footprint—Where to Now?
Argyle Conversations - Danielle Korins, Group Vice President, Human Resources, at PVH, and Bertrand Dussert, Vice President, HCM Transformation and Thought Leadership, at Oracle discussed strategies for creating collaboration between brands and across markets and steps HR leaders can take to create value for their organizations.
Oracle Human Capital Management: Leadership that Drives Business Value
Technology Trends and the Business of HR. Gretchen Alarcon, Oracle’s vice president of Product Strategy, provides insight into how changes in the marketplace influenced the development of Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management (Oracle Fusion HCM).
Simplify Workforce Management and Increase Global Agility
As an HR leader, what keeps you up at night? Is it meeting your executives’ demands for a greater contribution to the company’s strategic vision? Is it the requests to cut operational costs while simultaneously increasing efficiency? Most likely it’s the daunting combination of the two.
Social in the Oracle HCM Cloud
Leverage the potential for social technologies to generate superior business performance for your company
The Customer Within: How "Employee Experience" Is HR's Competitive Differentiator
Savvy social customers whose choices and opinions can have a dramatic impact on the bottom line
How Human Capital and Talent Technology are Influencing Global Business
Leadership that drives business value. How HR Increase Value. 
Joyce Westerdahl shares the story of how Oracle’s HR organization built a very strategic HR function—away from the administrative back office—to drive Oracle’s business.
Advancing the IT Mindset of Human Resources
Four tips on how HR can embrace the latest technology trends and still mitigate risk
eBook: Oracle Fusion HCM Cloud Applications
This e-book brings together facts, stats, charts, and video presentations that show how to unleash people power with world-class applications in the cloud.
Ventana Research | Oracle Demonstrates Innovation in HCM
Oracle is the winner of the 2013 Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for HCM.
Product Value Chain
Aberdeen Report: More Data, More Channels, Fewer Problems: Using PIM to Drive Business Performance
Download your copy of the Aberdeen Report: More Data, More Channels, Fewer Problems: Using PIM to Drive Business Performance, and see what benefits leading companies are gaining from their product information management solutions.
Project Portfolio Management
Integration with Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Cloud Service
Oracle Fusion Project Portfolio Management Cloud Service is built with Oracle’s Application Development Framework (ADF) and provides four primary methods of integration with other applications: ADF Services (commonly referred to as Web Services), ADF Desktop Integration, File Based Data Import, and Reporting Tools. This white paper provides a conceptual overview of each type of integration and identifies the associated functional area for each integration point.
Global Insights on Succeeding in the Customer Experience Era
Oracle's Global Customer Experience report surveyed more than 1,300 senior executives across 18 countries on the state of customer experience, This study is one of the largest of its types to ever be undertaken.
Creating a Superior Customer Experience Online

The federal government is taking notice of lessons learned in the private sector. With Oracle RightNow CX Cloud Service products, organizations in the public and private sectors experience dramatic, measurable results.

Eight Steps to Great Customer Experiences for Government Agencies

This white paper outlines how government agencies can rise to meet these challenges by adapting eight customer service best practices to their own situations—fulfilling customer expectations in the process and complying with internal mandates, improving staff morale, and gaining deeper insight into conditions that have an impact on the agency mission while increasing productivity and reducing costs.

Is Social Media Transforming Your Business?

This white paper covers three facets of a customer experience strategy that will operationalize social media in your organization: the social Web, social knowledge management, and the social contact center.

Meeting Citizen Expectations in New Ways

This white paper provides an overview of what citizens want and expect in their customer service interactions with federal agencies and outlines eight steps for establishing an integrated multichannel contact center experience that meets citizens' needs efficiently.

President Obama's Executive Order Raises the Bar for Customer Service Experiences

With his executive order, President Obama is empowering government agencies to move forward, as their private counterparts have done, to foster new, better, and more quickly forged relationships with their constituencies. Raising the bar, this order can help federal executives close the gap between service expectations and delivery in a profoundly meaningful way.

Seven Power Lessons for Customer Experience Leaders

The following seven power lessons are derived from real-world experiences of successful customer experience leaders. By applying these lessons, you can better ensure the success of your company's customer experience initiatives.

Ten Questions to Ask Your Cloud Vendor Before Entering the Cloud

Containing 10 tips based on best practices gleaned from industry analysis and direct experience with thousands of cloud deployments, this paper draws on conversations with CIOs, program and project managers, IT directors, engineers, developers, administrators, and more—across all industries and in organizations of every size.

Oracle Knowledge Solutions for Communications
Today, it is all too easy for consumers to make a vendor switch as they opt for new handset features, attractive bundle options, and promotional pricing. New products, bundling, and discounts can help attract new customers, but when it comes to retaining existing customers, it’s about the service experience. In this environment, delivering a quality customer service experience is a critical competitive differentiator.
Oracle Knowledge Solutions for Insurance
When seeking to boost market share and customer retention rates, having answers makes all the difference. Timely answers help brokers and agents generate more business. Relevant answers convert more online browsers to online buyers. Accurate answers make business networks—and the contact centers that support them—more productive.
Oracle Knowledge Solutions for High Technology
In an industry in which product portfolios and customer environments grow more complex every day, delivering effective and differentiated customer service—without obtaining a larger budget for staffing and infrastructure—is easier said than done.
Oracle Knowledge Solutions for Financial Services
Oracle provides the powerful knowledge management capabilities that have been proven to help financial services institutions cut costs, while delivering consistent cross-channel customer support. With Oracle Knowledge solutions, financial organizations can deliver accurate and consistent answers across online, contact center, and social channels—so they can boost service levels and their bottom line.
Content Organization and Search Optimization Best Practices
The Intelligent Search feature of Oracle Knowledge for Contact Center and Oracle Knowledge for Web Self Service is a search application that can search content coming from different sources, such as content in databases, folder structures, the Web, and Information Manager (the component that manages the Oracle Knowledge databases). Intelligent Search uses a dictionary, which determines how search is to be conducted. Intelligent Search does not search directly against the content, but rather constructs an index out of the documents that have been crawled and conducts the search against that index.
Lower Costs and Boost Customer Loyalty by Injecting Knowledge into CRM
Whether it’s delivered via a traditional call center, the Web, e-mail, a mobile device, or in person, customer service is now recognized as a differentiator that can provide significant competitive advantage to companies that excel at it. This paper provides an overview of business analytics, offers guidance on how to set up your organization for success, and outlines what to seek in a solution.
Knowledge-Infused Customer Relationship Management
Combining knowledge management (KM) with customer relationship management (CRM), knowledge-infused CRM represents a game-changing investment for support organizations that can help them not only weather today’s budget cuts but also improve service levels and customer satisfaction.
Measuring Search Success and Understanding Its Relationship to Call Deflection
This white paper addresses strategies for measuring search success and discusses the relationship between search success and call deflection.
Metrics: What They Are and Why They Matter
There’s no doubt that metrics can be useful in your efforts to improve Web self-service. The trick comes in knowing what to measure and when in order to reveal significant trends. This white paper attempts to take the mystery out of measurement by describing a variety of metrics along with pointers on how to use them. All of the suggestions detailed here draw on knowledge acquired by professionals using Oracle Knowledge for Web Self Service to build best-practices customer support operations.
Why CRM Has Failed the Customer - And What to Do About It
Customer relationship management (CRM)—one of the great application categories to emerge over the last decade—has lost its identity. Or rather, it has too many identities—most of them focused on selling to, rather than servicing, the customer.
Four Fundamentals for Using Social Networks to Improve the Customer Experience
With four out of five Americans now using social networks, the era of social networking clearly has arrived, creating significant implications for enterprises. Today, there are compelling rewards for embracing social networks—and potentially severe penalties for putting it off any longer. This white paper outlines four key ground rules for engaging with social networks in order to maximize their potential for improving customer service.
Improving the Customer Experience by Replacing Enterprise Search with Enterprise Knowledge Management
To help users of their Websites find answers amid a growing mountain of online information, companies are turning to enterprise search (ES) or enterprise knowledge management (EKM). While both solutions help users sift through large bodies of information, they also have fundamental differences. This white paper examines the search methodologies of each technology, investigates how these affect the user’s search experience, and explains why EKM is a better solution for helping customers, agents, and partners quickly find answers.
Migrating Customers to Lower-Cost Channels
Are you pressured to lower your contact center costs? Are customers insisting that you improve service? Do you feel like these goals conflict? They do not. As customers migrate from high-cost phone support to lower-cost Web self-service, using Oracle Knowledge for Web Self Service, they learn a lot about what it takes to ensure a successful transition. This paper will show you how to meet both of these goals by moving your customers to a lower-cost Web-based self-help channel.
A Superior Web Self-Service and Contact Center Solution: Buy It or Build It
To reduce overall support costs, organizations today need to find ways to improve the quality and speed of customer service and enhance the productivity of contact center agents. Companies rely on advances in knowledge management (KM) to improve customer support. As they investigate their options, they will face a critical decision: whether to buy an off-the-shelf solution or use multiple applications to build a solution. This white paper offers a practical look at the key criteria for making this decision and ensuring that any KM implementation yields the biggest business benefit.
Analytics: The Cornerstone for Sustaining Great Customer Support
Without effective analytics, it is virtually impossible to truly understand, let alone improve, the experiences customers have with your organization. This white paper offers an in-depth look at the strategic importance of analytics, reveals why many organizations have thus far failed to truly exploit the potential of analytics, and describes some of the critical requirements of effective analytics implementations.
Getting Knowledge Management Right: Five Best Practices for a Better Service Experience
A well-designed and -implemented knowledge management initiative can result in higher agent productivity as well as shorter call times, greater self-service customer satisfaction, and reduced costs thanks to call deflection. In contrast, a poorly designed and implemented knowledge management system can drive up call time, annoy customers (leading them to abandon self-service), and increase agent frustration (due to the distraction of too many tools on agents’ desktops). This paper offers five proven strategies that can help ensure that your knowledge management initiative delivers improved customer experiences and a significant return on investment.
Rules for Rules: Bringing Order and Efficiency to the Modern Insurance Enterprise
To expand market share in the communications industry requires superior service that helps customers to use more-complex offerings—without costing more. Creating satisfied customers allows you to retain customers in a competitive landscape. Today, it is all too easy for consumers to make a vendor switch as they opt for new handset features, attractive bundle options, and promotional pricing. New products, bundling, and discounts can help attract new customers, but when it comes to retaining existing customers, it’s about the service experience. In this environment, delivering a quality customer service experience is a critical competitive differentiator.
Enabling Efficient Policy Implementation
In order to sustain ongoing operations, pursue new strategies or comply with external regulations, organisations face complex policy decisions. In Finland, for example, the constitution mandates that the national and municipal governments are able to serve constituents in both innish and Swedish languages. The required effort associated with putting into effect such policies, however, is often greatly underestimated. Indeed, the process of policy implementation is usually divorced from the development of the policy itself, and the lack of proper planning can lead to great risk, such as discrimination suits, if not applied correctly.
Introduction to Determinations Engines
IT tools and approaches can deliver significant benefits to policy implementation and operations in government. This paper explains how modern Determinations Engine software allows government agencies to operationalize even very complex policies consistently, accurately and cost-effectively. Oracle provides standard Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Determinations Engine software which governments use to automate complex decisions that affect citizens.
Oracle Customer Experience Benchmarking Tool
Discover if your company’s Customer Experience is lagging or leading the competition. Simply answer 10 multiple choice questions to find out and receive your CX initiatives ratings your company’s overall and detailed CX domain ratings, and how you compare to your competitors and peers find out if your CX initiative is leading or lagging.
Agile, Secure, Reliable: World Class Customer Service in the Cloud
In a volatile and hyper-competitive market, delivering exceptional multichannel customer service consistently is essential. But delivering world-class service on tight budgets and to even tighter deadlines is a tough challenge for even the largest organizations. That’s why so many of the world’s most successful organizations choose to deliver customer service in the cloud. This eBook is a short introduction on how IT helps drive value for the business through cloud-based customer service solutions.
Smarter Service: The Contact Center of the Future (Retail version)
Today's consumers expect better service, better products, and better communication with retailers. Without a single view of the customer across all channels – including social media – retailers risk alienating customers and driving them to other brands. To meet these challenges, many retailers are deploying software-as-a-service (SaaS) contact center systems that address these problems and create new opportunities. This eBook follows one shopper’s journey and how the concept of the contact center of the future provides the better overall experience.
Knowledge Management: 5 Steps to Getting it Right the First Time
Today customers look to engage with organizations through an increasing number of channels – and expect more from every customer service and support experience. A strategically implemented knowledge management initiative for both the contact center and Web self-service channels offers a powerful answer to this growing need to do more with less. However, a poorly implemented initiative can have a negative impact – increasing call and Web session time and frustrating both customers and agents alike. This eBook sets out 5 simple steps for optimizing customer service and support with an effective, best-practice-led knowledge management initiative.
RightNow Customer Stories
Improve customer satisfaction and retention; maximize efficiency. This eBook shows how companies using Oracle RightNow Cloud Service engage with customers how they choose—anytime, anywhere, anyway; provide a consistent customer experience across channels; and offers service choice with personalized assistance for any interaction.
RightNow Executive Product Overview
Transform your customer service with Oracle RightNow Cloud Service—combining Web, Social, and Contact Center experiences for a complete cross-channel customer service solution. This interactive eBook shows how Oracle RightNow Cloud Service delivers the most complete multichannel customer service solution, combining market-leading technologies for Web, Social, and Contact Center experiences that make your brand stand out from the crowd.
Oracle Service -- Serve Your Customers Anywhere with Multi-Channel Service
Today's customers demand more from your contact center, with the expection they can access the information they require through the channels of their choices at any given time.
Help is a Click Away Customer Success eBook
See how our customer have transformed their Web Customer Service with Oracle Service
2011 Customer Experience Impact Report

The 2011 Customer Experience Impact (CEI) Report explores the relationship between consumers and brands. Based on a survey* commissioned by RightNow (acquired by Oracle in March 2012) and conducted by Harris Interactive.

2011 Customer Experience Index Report: The Era of Impatience - United Kingdom

In September 2011, RightNow Technologies commissioned independent research to examine how UK consumers are feeling about their interactions with UK businesses. The study took the temperature of 2,023 adults aged 16+ within Great Britain to gage the current state of customer experiences and the consequences to brands of poor customer experiences.

2011 Customer Experience Report: Australia and New Zealand

In 2011 RightNow (acquired by Oracle in March 2012) commissioned a study exploring Australian and New Zealand consumer opinion about customer experiences. The survey focused on seven key industries and investigated consumer satisfaction levels following interactions with each.

Social Network
Oracle Social Network White Paper

Oracle Social Network is a secure enterprise collaboration and social networking solution for business. With Oracle Social Network, individuals can stay informed of business activities and drive productivity with purposeful social networking. Oracle Social Network provides a unique experience that includes integration with enterprise applications and business process that drives adoption and participation for increased productivity.

Talent Management
The Future of Talent Management: Underlying Drivers of Change
Current business and talent management processes and technology must evolve to effectively deliver business value over the next few years. Learn more about the talent management evolution.
The Power to Align Talent to Strategic Initiatives
There is a new set of dynamics and complexities influencing how organizations manage their talent. Understand why influencing talent is critical for the success of any strategic initiative.
Bersin: High-Impact Performance Management
This sponsored research assesses the benefits of development plans for businesses and employees alike, and suggests routes to achieving—and sustaining—success.
Seven Steps to Building a High-Impact Learning Culture
Employees increasingly value a workplace that nurtures learning
Leadership Development: Seven Steps to Success
By employing consistent, organizationwide talent management programs at all levels, companies can develop effective leadership and return significant business value.
Building Critical-Talent Pipelines
Gain insight into the importance of finding and keeping the right people in critical positions, and learn how to establish a technology-backed strategy for a critical-talent pipeline
How Human Capital and Talent Technology are Influencing Global Business
Leadership that drives business value. How HR Increase Value. 

Joyce Westerdahl shares the story of how Oracle’s HR organization built a very strategic HR function—away from the administrative back office—to drive Oracle’s business.

Social in the Oracle HCM Cloud
Leverage the potential for social technologies to generate superior business performance for your company
Social Networking with a Purpose: Building Your Referral Machine
Word of mouth has become word of Web. Social networking is here to stay.
A Framework for Implementing World-Class Talent Management
The highest performing businesses are re-focusing on talent management. Here’s how.
Gartner Magic Quadrant for Talent Management Suites  - Oracle Talent Cloud in Leader quadrant
This new Magic Quadrant assesses the market for talent management suites, which help organizations manage the key processes of plan to source, acquire to onboard, perform to reward and assess to develop.
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