What is WebCenter Portal Cloud (WCPC)?

Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud (a customer managed service) provides an enterprise grade portal platform as a subscription service on top of Java Cloud Service so that you can quickly provision your new platform, and start developing and deploying secure portals for intranets, extranets and self-services.

What are the pre-requisites for WCPC? Which services must be ordered prior to or along with WCPC?

  • Oracle Java Cloud Service(JCS) - Enterprise Edition - High Memory OR Oracle Java Cloud Service - Suite - High Memory
  • Database Cloud Service

How can I buy Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud subscription?

Oracle Sales representative can buy subscriptions to Oracle WebCenter Portal Cloud on your behalf.

Does WCPC participate in Scale out/Scale in and when to use it?

Yes, you can scale out / scale in WCPC from JCS console. Add more capacity during demand peaks and scale in when the traffic wanes.

Can a customer move Oracle WebCenter Portal on-premises licenses to move to WebCenter Portal Cloud?

Yes, it is possible to move the on-premises license to WebCenter Portal Cloud. Ask your Oracle Sales Representative for several qualifying programs.

How will WCPC backup/restore/patching work?

WCPC backup/restore will be customer managed. As of now patching will work as per the standard OPatch process.

Why is high memory shape required for WebCenter Portal Cloud?

When one opts for the high memory shape (1 OC1M i.e. 1 OCPU with 15 GB of memory) for dev/test purposes, it is possible to use the same OCPU for deploying WebCenter Portal, WebCenter Content, IBR, portlets and SES. However, this may not be the only topology you may want to install. For example, you may want to deploy WebCenter Content on a different OCPU. In such a case, while installing, you can specify what will be installed on 1 OCPU and opt for more OCPUs. One can then install WebCenter Content or other managed servers on other OCPUs. All of them can them seamlessly participate in a cluster.

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