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Oracle Social Network: Working from Anywhere at Anytime
Learn how to use Oracle Social Network through Microsoft Outlook and mobile devices such as the iPad and iPhone to access CRM application data and Conversations.
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Oracle Social Network: Working with Files
Easily work with files using Oracle Social Network to share information with your sales team, groups, or everyone in your company; mark collaborative documents together in real-time; view the latest version; and access them anytime.
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Oracle Social Network: Working with Fusion CRM
See how sales interactions with Oracle Social Network are easy, effective and efficient to use across a virtual CRM team, allowing participants to update CRM opportunities, start Conversations, find experts, and keep their social network up to date.
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Oracle Social Network in the Cloud
Andy Kershaw, Senior Director of Product Management, explains how the Oracle Social Network works, the enterprise challenges it addresses, and its cloud based delivery model.
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Connect with Oracle Social Network
A successful enterprise is a lively network of connections -- between you, your team, your customers and your applications. Learn how Oracle Social Network connects people, processes, and enterprise applications in a secure environment in real-time, and preserves the information flowing from your connections.
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