Big Data Applications

Big Data and Analytics on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Big Data applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure enable organizations to analyze data across Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, NoSQL, and Oracle Databases leveraging the most flexible, secure, scalable, and cost-effective public cloud infrastructure.

Why Big Data on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

The benefits of running big data on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure go beyond the generic cloud benefits of ease of use, dynamic resources allocation, and ease of integration with data sources such as transactional databases and (IoT) data streaming. Only Oracle solves the key problems faced with running big data on other public clouds: low compute performance resulting from too many layers of virtualization, too much latency on shared network infrastructure, and low performance storage.

40% Better Compute Performance

Up to 40% better performance for Big Data workloads on Oracle bare metal compute instances, relative to virtual machines.

Up to 50% Faster HDFS

Up to 50 TB of blisteringly fast NVMe SSD storage per node, for up to 50% better HDFS performance versus other public cloud storage.

30% Cheaper GPUs

Leverage the latest NVidia bare metal GPU instances for advanced AI and ML workloads

Up to 1 PB of Block Storage per Node

Up to 1 PB of high performance solid state block storage per node with guaranteed performance SLAs.

Guaranteed Network Performance

Flat network with 25 Gbps bandwidth between any two nodes, guaranteed by the only network performance SLA in the industry.

90% Lower Costs for Data Lakes

Drive down cost and improve operational efficiencies. Take advantage of data tiering with blazingly fast Bare Metal NVME storage for hot data and Block Volumes for cooler data.
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Big Data Applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Oracle gives you the flexibility to choose big data and analytics products and platforms that work best for your requirements, on the best infrastructure the industry has to offer. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure partners with industry leading big data solution providers to support Hadoop, Spark, Cassandra and other scale out technologies to help organizations break down data silos and make informed decisions on unified data.
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