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Machine learning automation eliminates manual database management.

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With $300 in free credits, you get 3,300 hours of usage and 2TB of Exadata storage.
No Manual Tuning or Administration Needed
Autonomous Transaction Processing 3,300 hours, 2 TB of Exadata storage
Mission critical transaction processing made effortless, the future of Database in the Cloud
Autonomous Data Warehouse 3,300 hours, 2 TB of Exadata storage
Fully managed, pre-configured, and optimized. Load-and-go in minutes
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*You can run a maximum of 8 instances across all available services and up to 5 TB of storage during the promotional period. The Oracle Cloud credits are consumed at discounted rates during the 30-day promotional period. The capacity limits listed under each service are only estimates and reflect the maximum capacity you can get if you consume your entire credits on one service during the promotional period. The maximum capacity per service you get can be less if you consume multiple services. The list of services and capacity estimates are subject to change. Your credit balance is available to you on the Oracle My Services dashboard. For more information, view our trial frequently asked questions
**1KB record size, absolute consistency reads, per month
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Call us now
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