Talent Management Cloud

Find and Retain
the Best Talent

Easily source, recruit, develop, and retain your top talent with an engaging, social, and data rich
talent management software suite


End-to-end sourcing, recruiting and onboarding automation


Goal achievement through formal and informal feedback


Career and succession management to increase bench strength


Blended learning to ensure utmost employee productivity

Talent Acquisition
Social Sourcing

Source candidates from employee referrals and social marketing


Recruit, screen, and hire applicants efficiently and collaboratively


Onboard with ease using a guided process, and track progress to refine workforce plans

Goal Management

Empower employees to set and share meaningful goals

Performance Management

Capture formal and informal feedback from multiple sources to provide a rich, well-rounded portrait of your employees

Career and Succession
Talent Review

Optimize the talent review process so you efficiently identify and manage your top talent

Succession Management

Ensure your best talent is in line for future leadership and critical roles

Career Development

Plan for your future with high-impact employee development plans

Content Management

Rapidly develop content using flexible editing tools or by importing content, all while following standards

Learning Management

Personalize learning content to address multiple audiences

Workforce Rewards

Design and deliver tailored compensation programs for global and local organizations


Tailor your global benefits solution from simple to highly complex plans


Streamline payroll administration -- comply with local taxation and payroll rules locally and globally

Sales Compensation

Manage variable sales compensation plans for complex sales organizations

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