Plan Tomorrow's Supply Chain Today

Get better results faster to stay ahead of challenges and changes in your business. Proactively devise revenue growth and cost reduction strategies, and consistently execute them with enterprise-wide alignment.

Improve Profitability

Streamline and accelerate supply chain processes to continuously align supply and demand, increasing availability while reducing inventory costs.

Accelerate Innovation

Anticipate changing customer needs, devise revenue growth strategies, and execute plans that fulfill them.

Shape Business Outcomes

Detect anomalies, predict future states, and identify root causes to respond to supply chain issues more effectively.

Future-Proof Your Supply Chain

Get immediate access to state-of-the-art planning enhancements via automated cloud updates.

Supply Chain Planning

Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud solutions work together to solve your organization's toughest planning problems.

Oracle Demand Management Cloud

Improve demand visibility, manage demand variability, and leverage demand insights to achieve your business objectives. With Oracle Demand Management Cloud, you can sense customer demand, manage plans by segments that share the same behavior, and collaboratively shape demand by assessing the impact of new items and events. Leverage built-in machine learning algorithms and flexible analytics to detect market changes and respond to them faster.

Oracle Supply Planning Cloud

Reduce planning cycle time and make better supply decisions faster. Oracle Supply Planning Cloud minimizes inventory and improves customer service by planning your entire multi-level supply chain. It matches supplies to demands and recommends new supplies as needed.

Oracle Sales & Operations Planning Cloud

Maximize profitability, accelerate innovation, and enhance business outcomes by aligning the sales, marketing, finance, product development, and supply chain teams around a consensus plan. Oracle Sales & Operations Planning Cloud synchronizes your entire enterprise so you can create, agree upon, and execute plans that achieve your business goals. You can put its built-in best practice Integrated Business Planning process to work right away, or tailor stakeholders, phases, and tasks to meet your organization's unique needs.


Adaptive Supply Chain Planning
To ensure profitability and customer satisfaction in the face of unexpected events, you need adaptive supply chain planning that accurately predicts demand, aligns plans across the business, and responds to supply challenges before they impact results.
Take Advantage of a Modern User Experience
See how Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud gives you direct control over your user experience, streamlining tasks and uncovering hidden issues and opportunities.
Customer Case Study: LiDestri Foods
See how LiDestri Foods saved money and reduced waste by implementing Oracle Supply Chain Planning Cloud.
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