Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Streaming

Oracle Streaming provides a fully managed scalable, persistent storage option for continuous, high-volume streams of data that you can consume and process in real-time.


Managed Service
It's fully managed; from the underlying infrastructure to provisioning, deployment, maintenance, security patches, replication and consumer groups, which makes application development easier.
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Integrated
Streaming is fully integrated with all the platform services of Oracle Cloud from access control to tagging, account lifecycle and cost tracking among others.
Consumer Group Management
Streaming provides consumer group management to simplify application development by offloading load balancing, coordination and offset management.
Intuitive, simple, and elastic pricing
Streaming pricing is intuitive, simple and elastic; customers pay only for what they use, which makes it attractive for workloads with large spikes - no more paying for provisioned resources to handle application spikes.


Best-in-Class Encryption
All data in the streaming service is encrypted in motion as well as at rest.
AIM Integration
Streaming service is integrated with Identity and Access Management, which enables fine-grained security rules enforcement via access control policies.

Highly Reliable

Each incoming message to the streaming service gets replicated to 3 geographically distributed Availability Domains within a region before an acknowledgement is sent.
Automatic HA
Streaming is highly available and ensures availability and performance guarantee in case of an availability domain failure.
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Call us now
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