Storage for All of Your Enterprise Needs.

Enterprise-proven public cloud storage and archive service that supports your need for cloud-based data storage, sharing, and protection. Secure,resilient, elastic, and simple to use so your data is available when you need it from any environment connected to the Internet.


Enterprise-grade data encryption with multiple layers of customer and server side protection, as well as role-based administration to reduce threats.


Redundancy policies and self-healing technologies that ensure your data is highly available.


Eliminate storage hardware planning with scalable capacity on-demand. Start small and grow to Petabytes or Exabytes, or shrink capacity as needs change.


Manage data through an OpenStack Swift compatible REST API and Java library.


Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance provides a no-cost, single-vendor solution for easy file-based access to objects stored in the Oracle storage or archive service.

Storage Cloud Offerings(4)

Oracle offers several storage tiers that allow you to lower your total storage costs by balancing access time needs to pricepoints. A common interface makes storing data on the most cost effective tier simple.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service – Object Storage

Secure, resilient and infinitely elastic object storage in the cloud. Designed for enterprise-class data protection and sharing with easy access from anywhere on the internet.
Storage for any type of dataset, including both structured and unstructured data. Store a second copy of your on-premise data off-site and offload that operational heavy-lifting by moving to the cloud, or use it as a respository for global data sharing.

Oracle Storage Cloud Service – Archive Storage

The most cost-effective storage in the industry. Designed for infrequently accessed data with enterprise-grade security, resilience, and elastic scalability.
Cost-effective archive in the cloud for large-scale data sets, long-term data retention, rich media content, scientific researd archives and cultural preservation.
Starting at just $12 per TB each year.

Oracle Database Backup Service

Storage for All Your Oracle Database Backup Needs. A reliable and scalable object storage solution for storing and accessing your ever-growing Oracle Database backup data.
Data protection service designed for the unique needs of Oracle Database customers with direct, cost-effective integration with RMAN so you can take advantage of cloud-based data protection with current IT processes and staff.

Oracle Storage Cloud Software Appliance

An easy on-ramp to Oracle's storage cloud providing a secure, POSIX compliant, local NFS interface. Serves as a NAS gateway to the cloud so users, applications, and IT management can start using cloud storage today.
Robust design provides data security with granular encryption, data integrity via checksum verifications, automatic translation between files and objects, near local NAS performance through data caching, docker support for easy deployment.
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