Key Features

Highly durable and available
Automatically replicates objects across multiple fault domains for high durability. Actively monitored for data integrity and availability.
Unlimited Scale
Store unlimited objects per bucket for large amounts of unstructured data like videos, backups, and logs.
High Throughput
Low latency, strongly consistent regional service has the throughput to support high speed streaming and Big Data workloads.

Strong Security and Data Integrity

Integrated to Identity Management
Access to buckets and objects is managed via tight integration with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management.
Data integrity is actively monitored using checksums. Corrupt data is auto detected and auto healed from redundant copies. Any loss of data redundancy is actively managed by recreating a copy of the data.
Server Side Encryption
All data stored in the object storage is encrypted at rest, by default, using the AES 256 encryption algorithm.

Elastic and Convenient

Elastic scaling
Object storage scales elastically and without limits, so there’s no need to estimate your storage requirements upfront. Start small and scale over time, you only pay for storage you actually consume.
Convenient connectivity options
Oracle Object Storage provides a native REST API, along with OpenStack Swift API compatibility, and an HDFS plug-in. Oracle Object Storage also currently offers a Java SDK, as well as Console and Python CLI access for management.
Easy On-Boarding
A breadth of access mechanisms get you up and running quickly, once you establish an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure identity, you automatically get access to the Oracle Object Storage platform.
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Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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