File Storage Service Description

Enterprise Grade File Storage
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure File Storage is a persistent shared filesystem in the cloud with massive scalability, availability, durability, and performance. Oracle File Storage supports NFSv3, snapshots, and encryption.

Customer Benefits

Ease of Deployment
With just a few clicks customers receive a mount point in their network that can be shared among local bare metal and virtual compute resources in a region.
Fully Managed
Oracle manages capacity growth, software upgrades, and failed components.
Elastic Growth
There are no minimum capacity requirements, customers can get started with kilobytes and scale to exabytes. Pay only for what you use.
Data Protection
We provide a highly available service that delivers robust protection of data and metadata using multi-way replication. Delivering high performance as a local service that is available in each Availability Domain.
Built in Security
The File Storage Service uses AES-128 encryption to encrypt all file systems by default. Customers cannot turn off encryption.

Use Cases

General Purpose File Storage
Provides customer access to an unlimited pool of file storage to manage growth of structured and unstructured data.
Big Data and Analytics
Run analytic workloads, use shared file to store persistent data. For scale out applications that need access to NFS storage.
Lift and Shift of Enterprise Applications
Migrate existing Oracle applications that need NFS storage. Examples include: Oracle E-Business Suite.
Test and Dev Workloads
Run Oracle or MySQL for Test and Dev workloads.
Backups, Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Host a secondary copy of relevant file systems from on premise to the cloud for backup and disaster recovery purposes.
Micro Services and Docker
Deliver persistence for container based applications. Ability to scale as your container based environments grow.
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Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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