Enterprise-Grade File Storage

Massive Scalability
Start with kilobytes and grow up to 8 exabytes in every file system without any upfront provisioning or allocation. No minimum commitment is required.
Elastic Storage Capacity
Grow capacity when you add files, and shrink when you remove files, automatically. Your applications continue to work, and you pay only for the capacity that you consume.
Unmatched Availability and Durability
Data is replicated for durability within each availability domain in a highly available infrastructure that implements industry-leading data protection techniques and best practices.

Fully Managed Service

Maintenance Free
Oracle manages capacity growth, performs software upgrades, and handles any failed components so that you can focus on your business and application needs instead of storage-maintenance tasks.
Data Protection
A highly durable service, File Storage delivers robust data and metadata protection by using multiway replication. Snapshot capabilities are provided for local data protection.
Built-in Security
File Storage uses strong encryption for all file systems. Data, metadata, files, and directory names are encrypted by default.
Application Support
File Storage supports Network File System (NFS) protocol version 3, along with Network Lock Manager (NLM). Your applications work using NFS clients for Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Customer Benefits

Ease of Use
With a few clicks in the web-based console, create a file system and a mount target in your network for accessing your file system from your compute resources.
Granular Access Control
Enhance standard network security with improved access controls that limit access based on IP addresses. Make your file systems read-only, deny access, or enable root-user privilege squashing.
Automated Configuration
Quickly integrate and automate all of your file storage needs with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure SDK, CLI, Terraform, or web-based console.
Best Value
You don’t need to pay for compute resources and data storage separately. With simplified billing, you pay only for the capacity that you consume monthly.

Use Cases

General Purpose File Storage
Access an unlimited pool of file systems to manage growth of structured and unstructured data.
Big Data and Analytics
Run analytics workloads and use shared file systems to store persistent data.
Move and Improve Enterprise Applications
Migrate existing Oracle applications that need NFS storage, such as Oracle E-Business Suite and PeopleSoft.
Databases and Transactional Applications
Run test and development workloads with Oracle, MySQL, or other databases.
Backups, Business Continuity, and Disaster Recovery
Host a secondary copy of relevant file systems from on-premises to the cloud for backup and disaster recovery.
Microservices and Docker
Deliver stateful persistence for containers, and easily scale as your container-based environments grow.
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Call us now
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