Fast, Simple and Efficient

Fast Data Migration
Move petabyte-scale datasets to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure in days, instead of weeks or months.
Use the UI or the Data Transfer Utility to initiate the data transfer, order a Data Transfer Appliance, copy your data, and ship it to Oracle, where we import it. It's that simple.
Option to use your own disks for a range of data migration scenarios such a smaller datasets, faster turnarounds, and international shipments.
Up to 150 TB per appliance, and multiple appliances per data transfer job if necessary. Whether you want to migrate a few terabytes or a petabyte, Data Transfer can help.
There is no cost to transfer data with Oracle's Data Transfer service.

Data Security and Integrity

Security of data in transit
Data is encrypted using AES-256 cipher as you load it, so data cannot be compromised. When data is transferred to object storage for your tenancy, Oracle uses encrypted connections on our networks.
Security of data at rest
All data uploaded to Oracle Cloud Object Storage is encrypted by default using AES-256 encryption.
Data Integrity
Integrity of data is maintained using checksums at each stage of the data migration process.

Monitoring and Management

Data Transfer Status
Use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure service console or the Data Transfer Utility to monitor the status of each data transfer.
Data Upload Management
Data upload summaries and verification of MD5 checksums provide assurance that all your data has been uploaded correctly.
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Call us now
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