Key Features

Consistent High Performance
Get 60 IOPS per GB, up to a maximum of 25,000 IOPS per volume, backed by Oracle's first in the industry performance SLA.
Integrated Data Protection
Block and boot volumes can be backed up seamlessly to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Object Storage, enabling frequent recovery points.
Easily Scale Up or Down
Scale block and boot volumes from 50 GB up to 32 TB. Dynamically attach and detach up to 32 block volumes to scale up to 1 PB of remote block storage per compute instance.
Extend existing block and boot volumes by taking them offline and resizing up to 32 TB. You can also clone existing volumes or restore from backups to move to larger volumes.
Block Storage Cloning
Create one or more point-in-time direct disk-to-disk copies of an existing volume, both block and boot volumes, within seconds, for scenarios such as storage scale out, disaster recovery, dev/test environments duplication and production troubleshooting.
Boot Volumes
Manageable and versatile boot volumes for compute instances with all the advantages of block volumes, including backup and clone capabilities. Custom size large boot volumes up to 32 TB in 1 GB increments.
Volume Groups
Group multiple block and boot volumes, and perform crash-consistent point-in-time coordinated backups and clones across all the volumes in the group.

Built-in Security and Protection

Encrypted and Isolated
By default, all block volumes and their backups are encrypted at rest and isolated by tenancy for maximum security.
Industry-standard connectivity
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Block Volumes service is based on the industry-standard iSCSI protocol. Simplified paravirtualized options enable volume attachment without iSCSI configuration commands.
Volumes can be attached for read/write access by default, or read-only as needed.

Robust Data Protection

Highly Reliable
All volumes have built-in durability and run on redundant hardware.
Integrated Backup to Object Storage
Automated and policy-based scheduled backups, and the choice of incremental versus full on-demand backups are built-in and provided at no additional cost.
Backup your block and boot volumes to highly durable Oracle Object Storage automatically based on an automated policy, or on-demand with just a few clicks, without impact on running applications.
Cross-region backup copy for business continuity, migration, expansion of applications and data on remote regions.
Volume Restores
Attach restored block and boot volume backups to new or existing compute instances. Scale out many copies of your data for demanding applications by restoring a backup to multiple block volumes.
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Call us now
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