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What are some key differentiators for Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service?

The Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service offers a solution for brands and agencies to manage their communities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and emerging social networks. It is integrated with a real enterprise platform, with a database and Java app server that's portable and built on open standards.

Platform: Innovative products are built to meet current client needs and emerging social marketing possibilities.

Partnership: The Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service is your brand-building partner, from 24/7 customer service to providing you the thought leadership and resources you need to find social marketing success.

Social Leadership: The Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service features dynamic publishing capabilities including drag and drop page creation, and content creation and management that are easy to use. Global reach and alignment features, including language support, role-based security and collaborative content distribution help teams maintain a consistent brand message across social properties. Finally, advanced analytics track strategic trends about campaigns, content, posts, and individual social properties for ongoing improvement.

What functionality and products are available with Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service?

The Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service offers a suite of tools and resources to facilitate building and maintaining your social relationships. Features include:

  1. Workflow and Automation - manage and organize your social properties and team member participation with unique organizational tools for your resources and users
  2. Publish - create, schedule, moderate and measure content across multiple social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google+
  3. Content and Apps - create unique branded Facebook tabs featuring engaging content with a management system to easily create, deploy and track mobile-optimized content, including integration with emerging social networks like Pinterest, Instagram, and Spotify
  4. Listen and Analyze - over 120 metrics relevant to your strategic goals allow you to easily gauge how content is resonating with your audience
  5. Moderation 2.0 - your control tower for your social media properties shows you all posts and comments made on your social properties, allows you to filter messages and respond or delete them directly from within the Platform
  6. Social Relationship Management Integration - Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service is integrated with Oracle Social Engagement and Monitoring Cloud Service so users of both can seamlessly navigate between the two products
  7. Integration - integrations with enterprise systems including marketing automation, salesforce automation, customer service and support, and commerce enable brands to plan, execute, and measure cross-channel campaigns and deliver a compelling and consistent customer experience
What does Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service offer for customer service and support?

The Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service offers a comprehensive training overview and support from knowledgeable platform consultants throughout the duration of your contract at the enterprise level. Along with training, The Oracle Social Marketing Cloud Service provides 24/7 customer support, customized training, weekly webinars, and a variety of education resources in the form of white papers, guides, webinars and blogs.

Do I have to purchase all the products at once?

No. Every client has different goals for utilizing a social platform successfully, so we have created different offerings to best accommodate your needs. Please contact us for more information on pricing.

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