Social Engagement and Monitoring

Engage on What is Important to Your Consumers
Shift to a new type of customer relationship by listening to what customers are saying with the industry's leading social engagement and monitoring platform
  • Capture
    Filter, automatically categorize, and capture relevant actionable opportunities
  • Monitor
    Market-leading listening quality allows deep filtering to discover relevant insights and trends
  • Engage
    Listen to the right social conversations that impact your organization, then route them to the right team and track the progress
  • Measure
    Measure key indicators and trends to improve social efficiencies all from a single interface
Social Engagement and Monitoring
Data Accuracy
95% categorization accuracy
Filters and Theming
Granular filters, auto theming
Processes millions of messages daily
Have conversations and improve relationships centrally
Respond Rapidly
Monitor, react, and engage in conversations with your audience 24/7
Reduce Risk
Understand your customer needs, and optimize ROI
Make real-time analysis on dashboards
Drill Down
Use multiple metrics to slice and dice data
Integration with 3rd Party Data
Assimilate third-party analytics for a comprehensive analysis of your audience
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