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What is the Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service and what does it offer?

It's an Oracle Cloud Service that will provide data about common entities such as Companies, People etc. for consumption by domains and applications such as CRM.

What's in the preview release of Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service?
This is a preview availability of the Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service open to select Oracle customers. It will provide the following:

  • D&B data about Companies and Contacts
  • Ability to browse, search and export data based on industries, companies, size (revenue, employees), and job titles, etc.
  • Ability to save search criteria for future access and reuse
  • Access to a basic standalone web application
  • Data that's ready for integration with apps such as CRM
Can I view and export any number of records?

For this preview, we are offering unlimited view and browsing of the data and a limited number of exportable records per customer.

In what different formats is the data available?

Users will be able to use the standalone web application to search and browse the data and export in XML, CSV format.

What is next in the roadmap of the Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service?

To offer a business directory and insight service of commonly used business entities and make it available at scale thru modes that are industry standards for data exchange, and domain ready to be consumed inline within cloud/on-premise applications.

Is the Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service preview open to all?

No, the preview is open to a limited number of customers only.

How can I start using Oracle Data and Insight Cloud Service?

As Oracle introduces new Cloud services, it may offer them to customers as part of a preview availability program. During preview availability, the services are available for trial purposes only. Anyone interested in learning more about the preview availability services or participating in the program, please contact your Oracle sales representative.

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