Oracle Cloud Jump Start

Jump Start Learning & Demo Labs

Learn how to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure by taking our new self-paced, hands-on training labs

Launch a live Demo Lab from a variety of popular solutions running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, built by Oracle's ecosystem of partners

Jump Start your use of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and popular server-based solutions

Oracle Cloud Jump Start is the quickest way to learn how to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and popular workload solutions built by our consulting and technology OPN partners.

Jump Start Learning New

Jump Start your Learning on how to use Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with this series of 15-45 minute self-paced, hands-on training labs covering key Oracle Cloud services. These task-based labs provide detailed step-by-step directions for configuring and working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute, network, storage and management services. See hands-on training labs >>

Jump Start Demo

Jump Start Demo enables you to "Click to Deploy" popular workload solutions running on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Simply register with the partner, and within minutes you can login to see a fully functional instance of the solution for a self-guided tour. Explore and experience using these solutions on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure for free. Explore demo labs >>

Jump Start Launch Preview

Jump Start Launch enables you to use a reference deployment of popular workload solutions directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console. Jump Start Launch deploys reference implementations directly into your own account tenancy in minutes to quickly and easily start using the solutions. Preview reference deployments >>

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