Monitor Remote Assets Continously

Connect Assets
Connect any type of asset over any type of network.
Detect Faults
Detect faults and abnormalities automatically in real time.
Detect Theft and Misplacement
Detect asset location, theft, and misplacement with geospatial analytics.

Automatic Incident Management

Pre-Built Integration
Integrate out of the box with Oracle Service Cloud.
Incident Creation
Create incidents automatically in Oracle Service Cloud.
Auto-Resolve Issues
Resolve known and high-risk issues automatically by sending commands directly to assets.

Complete Visibility and Remote Control for Contact Center Agent

Visibility for Contact Center Agents
Use standard service interface from Oracle CX Cloud to get visibility into assets data.
Remotely Execute Actions on Devices
Execute actions remotely on devices for issue resolution.
Integrate with Knowledge Base
Use insights from asset data and knowledge base to create customized service recommendations.

Predictive Analytics for Proactive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance
Detect complex patterns in sensor data and predict asset behavior with advanced machine-learning analytics.
No-Code Analytics
Create predictive analytics customized for your business.
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Call us now
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