The Oracle Service Cloud Platform

The Oracle Service Cloud is a suite of capabilities that allow organizations to connect with their customers and facilitate the experience in the customer's channel of choice. Oracle Service Cloud continues to evolve to meet the ever-growing demands of the market, made possible by the platform on which it is architected.

Field Service Management in the Cloud

Since the introduction of cloud applications for customer relationship management in 1999, cloud architecture has become a driver of business innovation. Over the years, industry perception about on-demand solutions has changed from risky and inferior to viable and cost-effective. Today, cloud solutions run many mission-critical tasks for enterprises large and small.

Integration Concepts for Oracle E-Business Suite and Oracle Field Service Cloud Service

The concepts set forth in this document provide guidance for customers interested in integrating Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and Oracle Field Service Cloud in order to achieve maximum efficiencies in field service operations.

Oracle Field Service Cloud for Facilities Management Organizations

Oracle Field Service Cloud is a customer-centric workforce management solution for facilities management organizations that encompasses best-of-breed planning, scheduling, routing, and mobile functionality.

Questions You Should Ask Your Field Service Management Vendor

Choosing the right field service management solution is an important decision that can save your business time and money and affect your customers’ satisfaction. You need to make sure your field service management solution has all the right features to enable success. So how do you start?

The New Connected Mobile Workforce

This white paper explores past trends that have led to the enablement of the connected workforce and provides insights into how a highly functioning connected workforce can operate with today's commonly available technology (such as smartphones and tablets). This paper also provides examples of how a connected workforce can incorporate disruptive future technologies and trends, such as the Internet of Things, wearable devices, or self-driving cars.

The New Rules of Field Service Management

Field service managers are required to do more than ever. Corporate leaders ask that front-line managers control costs and increase customer satisfaction—without cutting corners on safety and quality. Reading between the lines, the goal is to optimize service efficiency.

Time-Based Routing for Field Service

In a comparative analysis of three routing methodologies for mobile workforces, time-based routing yielded more-accurate travel times than either linear-distance or street-level routing. Time-based routing outperformed street-level routing in a test case with a large sample size (more than 6,000 trips) in urban, suburban, and rural environments. Consequently, time-based routing results in schedules that are more stable throughout the day and more thoroughly optimized across an entire enterprise, while consuming minimal computing power and eliminating a single point of failure.
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