Policy Automation

Oracle Policy Automation enables personalized, agile, transparent advice across the organization and throughout the customer service experience.

Personalized Experiences

Dynamic Interviews
Deliver personalized advice to customers using dynamic online web interactions known as interviews.
Cross-Channel Consistency
Present consistent advice across any channel to ensure the same answer is given every time.
Detailed Explanations
Build trust and reduce complaints by providing explanations for every decision.

Agile Management

Natural Language Rule Creation
Allow business users to create interview rules using natural language.
Create Once, Deploy Many
Create interviews once and deploy to any channel including web services to other applications.
Mobile Apps
Deploy mobile apps and leverage offline capabilities when a network isn’t available.


Provide management with decision audit reports with detailed explanations of how rules are applied to customers.
"What-If" Analysis
Understand the impact of every change prior to updates using "what-if" analysis.
Interview Statistics
View interview trends quickly using dashboards and analytics.
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Call us now
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