Digital Customer Service

Oracle Service Cloud Digital Customer Service enables visitors to find answers online from any device. The self-learning knowledge base improves with every customer interaction and provides deep and valuable insight into every customer or trend.


Customer Portal
Create pixel-perfect, branded service pages with the look and feel of your existing website.
Streamline the delivery of customer service to mobile devices without writing new apps.
Leverage the power of customer knowledge with peer-to-peer service in the community.


Live and Video Chat
Engage with real-time or video chat to resolve questions with an agent at any time.
Enable agents to view customer's screens to quickly assist the customer through their journey.
Virtual Assistant
Guide your customers to the right answers in natural conversations with a virtual assistant.

Embedded Knowledge

Intelligent Knowledgebase
Present intelligent knowledge that automatically learns and adapts from every customer interaction.

Smart Engagement

Guided Assistance
Increase self-service to quickly guide customers to answers and resolutions.
Smart Assistant
Anticipate possible solutions by presenting answers to questions.

Email Response Management

Email Support
Provide timely resolution with personalized responses that leverage centralized knowledge, routing, workflow, and omni-channel communications.
Intelligent Response
Reduce the number of inquiries by dynamically responding to commonly asked questions.
Customer Feedback
Listen, monitor, and act on customer feedback across web, mobile, chat, social, and other omni-channels.
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Call us now
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