Trigger and Action
Perform an action on a specific cloud application when the recipe's trigger condition occurs.
Multiple Actions
Create powerful recipes with multiple actions to a single trigger.
Personal Account
Authorize access to your individual cloud application account.
Prebuilt Recipes
Easily copy and use recipes from the out-of-the-box prebuilt recipe catalog.


Configure your recipe in just a few clicks with a simple and intuitive user interface.
Create new recipes by following step-by-step prompts in a visual editor.
Immediate validation of inputs provides easy to understand information messages.
Easily map business process data via drag-and-drop.

Business User

Curated Data
Presents data and contents that are relevant to business users.
Connector and Recipe Description
Leverage cloud application knowledge embedded in our business friendly connector and recipe descriptions.
Recipe Catalog
Find new ways to think and work smarter by exploring the public recipe catalog.
Types of Apps
Choose from a wide selection of both Oracle and best-of-breed Cloud apps or expand the choices by configuring connection to your own custom cloud app.


Usage Statistics
Measure productivity with easy to understand usage statistics.
Job History
Refer to a comprehensive job history reports containing input and output details of every step.
Run Now
See your recipe in action with Run Now feature.
Account Management
Authorize, manage and test your account with just a few click.

Feedback, Support, and Suggestions

Oracle Self-Service Integration evolves with the demands of its users and the changing cloud service landscape. For support issues, suggestions or general feedback about apps and features, please send to
Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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