Welcome to your gateway for all free Oracle SaaS platinum-level training and support services! This page presents a consolidated list of resources you can use to learn about your product, participate in the user community, and get help.

Resources for Oracle SaaS Customers

Cloud Learning
Your Oracle Cloud education begins here. With Oracle Cloud free online adoption learning, you can choose where to get started with your education into Oracle SaaS products:
Oracle LaunchPad—choose from thousands of topics to introduce you to the cloud.
Participate in Cloud Quick Start Live Events.
Get step-by-step assistance with Guided Learning Starter Packs.
Arrive at your destination faster with insights from thousands of community experts and industry peers.
Cloud Customer Connect — Participate in Oracle's premier online cloud community, specifically designed to promote peer-to-peer collaboration and sharing of best practices, enable members to keep pace with product strategy, and provide a cloud solution feedback channel directly to Oracle development.
Need directions on your journey? Find help here!
Oracle Cloud Search — Search across Oracle's documentation and web resources. Set filters for your area of interest.
My Oracle Support — Interact with Oracle Support to manage all your technical and non-technical service requests.
Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Field Service Cloud Support — Find support resources specific to Oracle Service Cloud and Oracle Field Service Cloud.

About Oracle SaaS Support Services

Oracle has raised the bar on SaaS support and is declaring a platinum-level of service for everyone—for free. Many of our competitors upsell SaaS service offerings and call them platinum, premium, or premiere. In essence, they charge you for faster response times, education, and business support. Oracle's approach is the opposite—we believe these kinds of services are table stakes. Our goal is to provide everything you need across IT and Business to have seamless adoption of our SaaS products and reach business value faster. For all business destinations, we are your bridge to success.
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Call us now
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Technical Support

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