Application and Virtual Appliances PoC Environments

Complete and customizable software environments handed over to the customer and evaluated in data center-like conditions. No wait time for resources or IT support.

Running PoCs on cloud using Oracle Ravello Cloud Service enables the enterprise customer to get a complete PoC environment with no strain on the organization’s infrastructure resources. This ensures better outcomes since the customer can assess a full-featured environment and not some stripped-down version of it. Additionally, the customer can easily customize the environment through Ravello’s web UI or REST API.

Not only that, through Ravello’s collaboration features, the enterprise IT teams can collaborate through simultaneous access capabilities. This feature facilitates much better results (and shorter cycles) since the team has complete view of the state of the PoC. This collaboration is also enhanced by Ravello’s blueprinting feature, which enables version control over the course of the PoC process.

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