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UAT & staging in production-like environment

UAT & staging environments provide app validation before go-live. As such, these environments need to look and run exactly like the production environment, right down to configuration and networking. However, due to resource constraints and shared networking, the on-premise UAT & staging environments are typically scaled down and do not mirror production networking. With Ravello’s ability to create isolated replicas of production environments (both in scale and in configuration), enterprises can perform UAT & staging that provides accurate app validation before go-live.

Cost savings with IT Ops in cloud

Since UAT & staging environments are usually needed for very short durations before application go-live, it doesn’t make economical sense for enterprises to build data-center capacity for them, essentially paying for 24X7 resources. Ravello helps enterprises save costs by providing them with the ability to run and pay for these UAT and staging environments only for the duration they are needed, and subsequently tear them down.


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