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Lift and shift production to the cloud


Ravello’s nested hypervisor HVX encapsulates entire application environments enabling them to run on any cloud without any modifications and complete with the same networking topologies. This allows enterprises to “cloudify” their production application – running any version of the app or OS in the cloud without requiring changes.

Horizontal and vertical scalability

As enterprises grow, their application footprint must scale to meet their needs. Ravello enables enterprises to effortlessly scale their applications by providing room to grow. Enterprises can horizontally scale their application to thousands of VMs and in turn each VM can vertically scale upto 32 vCPUs.


Production deployments need high performance scalable infrastructure. Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure runs on the latest generation of cloud infrastructure hardware, that is faster than most on-premise hardware. Ravello’s next gen HVX supports hardware assisted nested virtualization offering 14X better performance compared to running Ravello on AWS and GCP. For VMware apps that are even more ‘performance hungry’, Ravello Cloud Service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports a turbo mode that runs HVX directly on bare metal delivering an ‘unleashed’ performance boost of 14X.


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