Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service: Compute Pricing

Oracle Ravello Cloud Service is a pay-per-usage (metered) based model. Users don’t need other underlying cloud credentials and are billed solely by Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service.
The price of the user’s application compute is driven by three factors:
  1. The size of the application
  2. The mode of deployment: Standard, Enterprise, or Metal
  3. The cloud provider: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or other Cloud Provider


Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Ravello Service

Application Compute
Metal (increments of 36 vCPUs*)
vCPU Per Hour on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
vCPU Per Hour on other Cloud Providers
Note: vCPU corresponds to OCPU on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Additional Elements

While the majority of the monthly bill will depend on the application compute, there are a few additional elements that are priced separately for the application which will be included in the final monthly bill. These are:
  • Volume storage: The price for all VM disk space calculated per hour and billed at 2.1 times the amount of application storage. This is done to account for snapshots, blueprints and other advanced functionality.
  • Library storage: The price for storing all library VMs, blueprints and stopped VMs. We use delta encoding technology, compression and other techniques to minimize the library cost.
  • Networking: The price of data transfer for outbound traffic. Billing is based on usage.
  • VM IP addresses: The price per public IP address per hour. You can have as many public IP addresses as needed. The price is the same for elastic and non-elastic IP addresses, but only the non-elastic IP address billing is based on usage (the time period the VMs are actually running). Billing for elastic IP addresses is based on the entire time period that the IP is allocated to the customer.
Pay as You Go
Monthly Flex
Volume Storage
GB Storage Capacity Per Month
Library Storage
GB Storage Capacity Per Month
GB Outbound Data Transfer Per Month
VM IP Addresses
VM IP Per Hour
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