Data-center-like Environments on Public Clouds

VMware/KVM VMs as-is
Run the same multi-VM VMware & KVM environments as in data-center on leading clouds without any changes. Ravello’s hypervisor in essence encapsulates the entire environment. The hypervisor also exposes VMware or KVM devices to the VMs that run on top of it. By doing so, Ravello enables complex applications to run on public clouds exactly as those applications run in the datacenter: Everything about the VMs stays the same - the same operating system, paravirtualized drivers, application settings, network settings, VMware tools etc.
14x better performance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure
Next generation of Ravello’s hypervisor – HVX – supports enhanced capabilities to leverage nested virtualization functionality built-into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure hardware that boosts the application performance 14X compared to earlier version of HVX. In addition, Ravello on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure supports a turbo mode that offers greater than 14X performance boost by running HVX directly on Bare Metal servers.

Overlay Network

Software defined network
With software defined networking, Ravello exposes a clean, isolated L2 network environment to the user’s application. Enterprises can create any network topology that their application needs on top of Ravello on top of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, AWS and GCP - including custom L2 and L3 network and security appliances, and each application instance is fully isolated from the cloud network, enabling complex networking configurations to remain identical to the data center application.
L2 Networking Access
Keep the same IPs, subnets, VLANs; access VMware native NICs, unlimited NICs per VM, multiple IPs per NIC and setup VxLANs - on leading public clouds. In addition, the fenced network enables types of traffic between guests and from the internet that might not be supported natively on the underlying clouds, including broadcast, multicast and more.

Infinite Resources

Scale with Cloud Capacity
Ravello enables customers to use infinite public cloud capacity to scale production applications, accelerate release cycles and enhance dev/test team efficiency, by providing as many isolated replicas of the application environment as needed.
Geographical Reach
Ravello enables users to deploy environments in any cloud region, spanning regions from western San Francisco to Sydney and Singapore. This global reach provides users with minimized latency and top performance by providing the option to deploy applications as close to the user as possible.
4X Bigger VMs
Deploy your workloads on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure to utilize up to 32vCPU, 4X bigger compared to Oracle Ravello on other clouds.

Blueprinting: Snapshot and Share

One-click replica on demand
Snapshot complete environment configurations, including the state of disks, memory, network of all application VMs to create a blueprint. Deploy exact replicas of that environment, on-demand, over and over again with one click or API call.
With Ravello’s rich REST API, users can automatically spin up complete environments application blueprints. Infrastructure can essentially be treated as code, and full test cycles can run automatically on full blown environments, while also enabling integration with other systems such as Jenkins, to fit in with the user’s CI process.
Collaboration Across Teams
Creators of blueprints can share and manage a library of blueprints within and across accounts and allow team members collaborate on them.

Centralized Control

Cost Reduction
Administrators’ views monitor usage across all users and have visibility into usage patterns and costs. By defining rules for automatic start and stop of applications, budget owners can ensure costs don’t run high as a result of applications running idly.
Permissions and ephemeral access
Ravello also enables users to set permission rules, as well as provide ephemeral access tokens to users within and outside of the organization. Such abilities allow users share environments and collaborate with others, while they monitor the spread of usage of application environments.
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