Ravello Service Customer Successes

Red Hat selects Ravello for its product certification and training businesses
Red Hat uses Ravello to provide product certification and training to customers all across the globe.
Blackfin Security (acquired by Symantec): Ravello is an ideal fit for all of our security training and assessment needs
Blackfin Security uses Ravello for all of its online security training, immersive threat simulation training and phishing assessments to service customers ranging from mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies.
SimSpace Uses Ravello for On-Demand Cloud Cyber Ranges
Watch how SimSpace use Oracle Ravello to run enterprise-scale ranges in the public cloud on demand, including L2 networking access.
ironSource Effectively Scales QA Environments with Ravello
Ravello Systems provides ironSource a clear, simple solution for Windows client testing in the public cloud.
Skyhigh Networks: On-Demand Customer PoC Environments on the public cloud using Ravello
With Ravello Systems, Skyhigh Networks provide new SEs with a "lab in the cloud" on their very first day.
Core Security shortens time to build virtual training environment by 98% with Ravello, supporting global expansion
With Ravello Systems, Core Security is able to meet increased demands for cyber security training in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.
Clico moves training online, slashes infrastructure costs by 25% and reduces datacenter workflow by 15% with Ravello
With Ravello, Clico is able to deliver training in security solutions to customers in Poland, the Baltic region and other eastern European countries.


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