Modern Community Development

Modernize how local government executes on building permits and land management with Oracle Public Sector Community Development, an extensible, reliable, easy-to-use, and built-for-purpose cloud solution.
Deploy an Extensible, Secure, Built-for-Purpose Cloud Solution
Implement and change quickly and inexpensively by utilizing a built-for-purpose yet flexible cloud solution with high extensibility and easy-to-use configuration tools.
Drive Economic Vitality and Community Development with Reliability and Confidence
Promote quality of life, facilitate economic growth, and speed time to occupancy through the reliable and effective execution of permit issuance and inspections.
Deliver an Easy-to-Use Community Development Solution
Enhance service delivery while efficiently executing on land management with simple navigation, intuitive guided processes, visual workflow, and location-based, contextually relevant analytics.

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Respond to shifting constituent demands and digitally transform how you operate and interact with the public.

PRESS RELEASE: Oracle Launches a New Cloud Solution for State and Local Government

Oracle introduces a new built-for-purpose Public Sector Community Development cloud solution for local government.

BRIEF: Build and Grow Your Community with Agility

Understand the key features that enable you to modernize community development processes.

READINESS: See What's New in the Community Development Cloud Service

Learn about the latest innovations and access product documentation.

BROCHURE: Building Government for the 21st Century

Governments are embracing modern technologies to engage with constituents.

ARTICLE: New Possibilities for Government

Agencies at every level of government are awakening to the promise of cloud computing.

BLOG: In Search of the Smartest City in the World

Read how city leaders, citizens, and private companies are collaborating to create a new digital direction and services.

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