Digital Spaces Monetization

Oracle's Digital Spaces Monetization combines Oracle's leadership in cloud marketing with mobility and Internet of Things (IoT), enabling marketers and global brands to monetize the presence or transit of millions of people in targeted spaces.
Develop New Revenue Sources and Increase Revenue from People in Transit
Integrate cross-channel marketing models and new location-based services with the customers current positions and their individual past experiences. Using this information, Digital Spaces Monetization personalizes marketing campaigns targeting each customer, and enables the needed interactions using their phones.
Increase the Number of Loyal Program Members
Use customers' past experience to target audiences looking for new members of loyal programs. Launch the media campaigns to increase the number at reduced cost per acquisition.
Provide Customer Behavior Intelligence
Store how the space is used by millions and combine this information with sensors data and backend systems information to generate 360º visibility on customers behavior: times, locations, revenues, customer segments, seasonality, dwell times, etc.
Ease Space Interaction and Scale
Improve the customer experience by automating smart infrastructures and policies to react to unexpected events such as emergencies, facilities malfunctions, safety, weather disruptions, etc. Digital Spaces Monetization automation is provided using IoT technologies.

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Digital Spaces Monetization addresses the marketers challenge to create new revenue sources by increasing levels of customer loyalty and delivering targeted services, products, and third-party deals to mobile phones based on where users are at the moment of that real-time interaction. The solution is targeted at spaces like airports, train stations, city centers, stadiums, shopping districts, etc. Digital Spaces Monetization combines Oracle's leadership in cloud marketing with mobility and Internet of Things capabilities to deliver the next generation of contextual marketing.

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