Citizen Services

Government agencies are undergoing a transformation to meet the requirements of the digital age. Citizen expectations and a changing regulatory environment are driving agencies to provide a modern citizen experience and achieve positive outcomes. Citizens expect the ability to interact with their government and for their government to know them based on the information already collected about them.
Citizen-Centered Engagement
Target the people who need assistance. Engage with citizens in a modern way, from their channel of choice. Anticipate citizen needs based on data coming from social networks and third party sources.
Rapid Response to Changing Policy
Provide exceptional citizen service in a changing public policy environment. Automate policy and process to respond quickly to changing regulations and laws. Help citizens understand government programs and how changes might affect them.
Collaborate to Maximize Outcomes
Effectively manage interactions over a lifetime and across agencies and programs. Collaborate with stakeholders to deliver the right service at the right time for the right reason. Utilize technology and practice to maximize outcomes.

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Citizen interaction is a surefire way to ensure constituents' investment in making their government effective, accountable, and always progressing. Oracle helps governments improve CX so they can connect with their citizens for access to citizen services, planning, and public safety.

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