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Transform your organization with easy, quick, accurate, and modern project time capture for team members on the move.

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Gain real-time insight into the health and performance trends of a set of projects and take immediate corrective action to make sure they stay on track.
Provides full-function planning, progress management, budgeting and forecasting, as well as delivered integration to Microsoft Project.
Intelligent and intuitive self-service, real-time reporting provides users with project insight.
Cut project administrative effort with faster project costing, by streamlining your project cost collection processes, for timely insight into validated project costs.
Bill customers faster and recognize revenue sooner while ensuring that you comply with your customers' project contracts.
Speed up the project budgeting process with graphical tools to validate a new budget version, including a side-by-side comparison with prior versions, before you baseline it or submit it for approval.
View, adjust, finalize and submit project invoices for approval, all from a single location.
Manage your projects using best practices, and still comply with your customer contract billing and revenue controls, with powerful and flexible project-contract associations.
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