Product Value Chain Cloud

Product Value Chain Management

Increase your return on innovation and grow your business faster with Product Value Chain Cloud—a global, integrated platform designed to rapidly innovate, develop, and commercialize profitable products


Select and translate a steady stream of innovative ideas into a predictive product portfolio


Rapidly commercialize products for global manufacturing and omni-channel commerce


Accelerate time to market while balancing cost quality and compliance

Transformative Insight

Powerful analytics give knowledge workers new insight to optimize product performance

Innovation Management
Align Innovation


Consistently capture and invest in the right, strategic ideas to improve market performance and predictability


Build an innovation pipeline that is fueled by a steady stream of high-value ideas that can be translated into profitable offerings


Increase utilization and lower development costs by strategic focus on fewer, better products

Product Development
Accelerate Development


Manage product data and processes while balancing cost, quality and compliance


Collaboratively and securely manage product data and changes

Protect IP with extended control across globally outsourced design and manufacturing organizations, suppliers and partners


Fully integrate product data and processes to improve productivity and speed

Product Hub
Synchronize Commercialization


Enhance sales and supply chain readiness with consistent descriptions, digital assets, configurations, and catalogs


Achieve compliance by enforcing governance and business policies to manage product information


Ensure superior customer experience by controlling the accuracy of product data across your enterprise

Embedded Analytics
Gain Transformative Insight


Empower knowledge workers at all levels with access to live performance analytics


Optimize resource utilization and control costs with a prioritized view of pending actions

Continuously Improve

Drive excellence and growth with the latest tools to monitor, measure, and improve decision-making and performance management

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