Procurement Cloud

Empower Modern Procurement

Use Procurement Cloud to streamline your source-to-pay process through automation and social collaboration, while controlling costs and achieving higher margins


Your procurement business processes


Your time to value


Using integrated social solutions


Your costs and reduce your risks

Strategic Sourcing
Streamline Negotiations

Simplify your sourcing activities with guided navigation, negotiation styles and intuitive tools

Quickly Collaborate

Improve communication and information sharing with cross-functional teams, and Oracle Social Network integration

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Contract Management
Standardize Agreements

Establish standard language, compliant drafts, redline and compare against your standards

Improve Visibility

Leverage a secure and searchable contract repository, renewals management, amendment tracking, and complete audit history

Ensure Compliance

Reduce risk with deviations reporting, exception based approvals, and deliverables tracking

Streamline Processing

Automate your requisition to payment cycle and focus on strategic activities with “touch-less” buying

Reduce Off Contract Spend

Enable your employees to quickly find the goods and services they need with a familiar consumer buying experience

Enforce Negotiated Pricing

Ensure your negotiated pricing and terms are automatically leveraged to realize maximum savings potential

Supplier Management
Increase Efficiency

Maximize supplier self service with a browser-based approach for supplier enablement

Enrich Supplier Communication

Drive supplier interactions with task lists and interactive calls to action

Manage Supplier Profiles

Maintain accurate supplier information across your organization

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