Business-led, Rapid Process Automation
Collaboratively build applications (processes, forms, rules, documents, services, and data) in a zero-code, 100% web-based designer.
Responsive, Multi-channel Forms
Create dynamic user interfaces. Develop once and deploy to web/mobile platforms.
Integrate with Oracle and non-Oracle Applications
Reliably connect to SOAP and REST interfaces. Use Oracle Integration Cloud for complex integrations.
Play, Test & Validate
Breakthrough bottlenecks with rich work stream analytics and interactive dashboards.


Productive and Intuitive Task Management
View, complete, reassign and delegate tasks. Stay organized with filters. Receive email notification on tasks.
Work on the Go Across Devices
Access and complete tasks using a simple mobile app. Work in connected or disconnected mode. Upload files and reassign tasks to your phone contacts.
Task Collaboration
Comment, share photos or documents, and collaborate with others for increased productivity.
Right Work to Right Person
Use sophisticated work assignment capabilities and rules-based dynamic assignment for increased efficiency. Reduce your case backlog faster with adaptive, rules-based work assignments.


Real-time, Actionable Dashboards
Monitor and manage work streams in real-time with rich visualizations and analytics.
Operational Intelligence
Subscribe to alerts, break through bottlenecks, detect trends, and take actions.
End to End Visibility & Self-service
Easily track workflows, view detailed audit trails, troubleshoot, and optimize key processes.
Process Agility
Change running processes (alter process flow, change data) to adapt to changing business conditions. Quickly change workflows, update data, and build business agility with business-friendly controls.


Enterprise-grade Security
Highly available and scalable process application deployment environment, secured and managed by Oracle.
Process Apps Made Easy
Compose with QuickStart process apps for simplifying day to day tasks and adapting at the rate of business.
Full Lifecycle Management
Exercise complete control of your process application lifecycle with automatic, rules-based controls for moving from Dev/Test to Production Environments.
Flexibility to move process application metadata and content from cloud to on-premises for release controls.
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