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Quality Management Cloud Executive Brief

As product and supply chain complexity grows, your current strategy to sustain high quality worldwide will be increasingly challenged. Learn how Oracle Quality Management Cloud helps to protect and improve your global supply chain.

Crossing the Innovation Chasm: How to Unlock the Business Value of Systems Engineering

Learn how Oracle PLM Cloud enables product companies to cross the innovation chasm by tying market demand to supply chain execution as an integrated, continuous process.

Oracle PLM Cloud Executive Brief

Download a brief, 2-page overview of the Oracle PLM Cloud solutions. Learn how a modern approach to PLM can drive revenue, protect IP, and get products to market faster.

Digitize Requirements Management with Oracle PLM Cloud Executive Brief

As product and supply chain complexity grows, achieving requirements management best practices becomes a critical factor for your organization's success 

Getting Great Ideas to Market - Fast

The most innovative companies grow faster—and they grow bigger. But finding great ideas, choosing which to invest in, and then getting them to market quickly is far from easy. Check out this iPaper and learn how the top performers get it right consistently.

Improve How IT Invests in Innovation

Learn how you can offer your business higher returns by focusing investments on the most valuable projects.

Commercialization in the Consumer Goods Industry: Accelerating Product Change

Responding quickly to the wants and needs of consumers is fundamental to success in the consumer goods industry. Often responses may spark an initiative to develop new products, modify existing products, offer new formulations, or change packaging and labels. However, converting these types of consumer-driven initiatives into marketable products in a timely manner is a common challenge–a challenge that can be worsened by a strict deadline, which may be imposed on an organization to comply with a governmental mandate or major customer requirement. Each product change affects commercialization, the process in which a company readies a product for market. As an organization mobilizes its commercialization process, meeting these deadlines can spell success or failure.
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