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Three Tenets of Modern Product Lifecycle Management Cloud: Innovate, Develop, and Commercialize Profitable Products and Services

Harness your product development and innovation processes and you will be on the road to new, profitable products, increased market share, and ultimately, sustainable growth.

Drive Business Value with a More Sustainable Supply Chain

The impact of supply chains on the environment as well as the economies and societies they touch is profound. To ensure a sustainable supply chain, organizations need to embed sustainability considerations all the way from a product's ideation to managing the end of its useful life. Explore how Oracle's modern suite of supply chain cloud solutions can support your sustainability initiatives while also delivering business value.


Simplify Your Journey to Product Data Mastery

Discover your personalized guide to mastering product data in a rapidly changing world and gain best-practice insight to help simplify and streamline your approach to product information management.


Simplify Your Requirements Management Process

Learn how only fully integrated PLM solutions can simultaneously deliver decomposed, verified and validated requirements linked to product information to all stakeholders throughout the entire product lifecycle.


Why Supply Chain Leaders are Moving to the Cloud

Good supply chain management is essential to your operational efficiency, customer centricity, compliance, carbon footprint, and ultimately, your overall success. If handled correctly, your supply chain should improve customer service—along with the reputation of your brand—and boost your bottom line. But, as with many areas of business, the rules of the game are changing.
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