Keep malicious actors out and deliver the best experience to legitimate users

Protect cloud-hosted resources and deliver consistent, industry-leading performance and positive user experiences. Stay ahead of issues that can negatively impact business processes.


Create a protective perimeter that inspects all traffic targeting your web application and API resources.


Automatically steer queries and messages, ensuring lightning-fast application responses and better message placement around the world.


Monitor the path between users and resources, and adapt to changes and outages with no user impact.

Cross-Cloud Support

Deploy in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, on-premises environments, and across hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Edge Services

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS, DDoS Protection, and Email Delivery are native services that leverage Oracle Dyn's industry-leading technology. They enable users to optimize performance, thwart cyberattacks, and scale communications.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS

DNS the first step to ensuring optimal website and web application performance. It's also a strategic tool for maintaining network resiliency and managing traffic across hybrid cloud environments. As applications and resources become more distributed, an investment in DNS at the edge is essential to delivering high quality and consistent user experiences.
DNS performance matters. For modern sites and applications, DNS resolution can account for up to 30 percent of site load time. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS—built on Oracle Dyn's pioneering DNS technology and now integrated into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console—is consistently listed at the top of the league table for DNS performance.
Respond to DNS queries in less than 30 milliseconds worldwide, and propagate records across the globe in under a minute. The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DNS network is consistently fast and responsive, delivering dependable performance for websites and applications.
Independent analysis shows that Oracle's DNS network performance is up to 10 times more consistent than competing networks. For companies that do business on the web, faster DNS performance translates directly to better user experiences, improved customer loyalty, and increased revenues.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Traffic Management

Traffic Management—a critical component of DNS—enables users to configure routing policies to serve intelligent responses to DNS queries. Oracle Traffic Management steering policies are used to steer DNS traffic across multiple, public Oracle Cloud Infrastructure instances and other private and third-party assets.
Traffic Management Steering Policies allow you to set predictable business expectations for service differentiation, geographic market targeting, and disaster recovery scenarios. These customer-defined policies can make intelligent steering decisions across all of your global infrastructure based on weighted load balancing, location, ASN, or IP prefix. And Oracle Health Checks are easily configured to provide further insights into endpoint availability.

Oracle Health Checks

Oracle Health Checks provides the ability to monitor and alert on the availability of any public-facing service hosted in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Additionally, Oracle Health Checks is fully integrated with the Oracle DNS Traffic Management service to enable automated detection of service failures and trigger DNS failovers to ensure continuity of service when needed.
Oracle Health Checks can perform both on-demand and scheduled tests using a number of different protocols. Oracle Health Checks––which emanate from Oracle-managed vantage points located around the globe––can be used to test any fully qualified domain name (FQDN) or IP address specified by the user. Oracle Health Checks supports HTTP and HTTPS web application checks, as well as TCP and ICMP pings for monitoring IP addresses. Users can also choose high-availability testing by running tests as frequently as every 10 seconds from each vantage point.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery

Email Delivery helps organizations reach their intended audiences by enabling them to send bulk email with high rates of successful inbox placement. With email message volume rising every year, reaching intended recipients continues to be a significant challenge, even for reputable senders. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Email Delivery, built on Oracle Dyn's proven technology, makes that challenge exponentially easier.
Now fully integrated as part of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, Email Delivery has been helping organizations with large sending needs overcome the challenges of inbox placement for more than a decade. With proven reliability, scale, and ease of use, Email Delivery ensures organizations can have high confidence that messages will reach their target audiences as intended.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall

The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall (WAF) is an enterprise-grade, cloud-based edge security solution that's designed to protect internet-facing applications from cyberattacks. The WAF includes over 250 predefined application, compliance, and Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) rules. It also aggregates useful threat intelligence from multiple sources, including Webroot BrightCloud®. The WAF's bot management feature uses an advanced set of challenges—including JavaScript verification, CAPTCHA, device fingerprinting, and human interaction algorithms—to identify and block malicious bot traffic while allowing legitimate human and bot traffic to proceed. Once deployed, the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure WAF also protects web-facing applications from Layer 7 distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Web Application Firewall (WAF) protects web-facing cloud applications and workloads against malicious bots, DDoS attacks, and other potentially dangerous web traffic. The WAF simultaneously safeguards web applications hosted inside Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, in your own data center, and across hybrid cloud and multicloud environments.
The WAF is tightly integrated into the Oracle cloud console along with the many other applications and services, providing ease of use and tight control over your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure setup.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure DDoS Protection

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) protection defends users against distributed denial-of-service attacks, including volumetric attacks, at no extra cost to customers.
A DDoS attack is meant to bring down a service by consuming all of its resources, thus making it unreachable. DDoS Protection helps mitigate against bad actors who want attack your internet-facing applications and services.


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