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Supply chain management has come a long way. The products you create are evolving and the processes used to create those products are continuously changing. See how Oracle has been with you every step of the way, and prepare for what's to come.
In many companies, unrestricted pricing and discounting leads to unprofitable orders, and in some cases, unaudited business practices which creates compliance issues. View this demonstration to learn how new capabilities in Oracle Pricing Cloud allow you to setup guidelines to ensure that all orders conform to corporate pricing policies.
Take advantage of the power of Oracle Configurator Cloud in your third-party quoting or order capture applications by embedding the Oracle Configurator Cloud runtime user interface directly into your applications. This allows you to maintain model configuration continuity across your sales channels and through all phases of the quote-to-cash process. View this demonstration to see how this works with Oracle CPQ Cloud.
Oracle Configurator Cloud is a powerful guided selling and configuration application that enables flexible modeling of configurable, multi-option, and customizable products and services. View this demonstration to learn about new modeling capabilities that allow you to simplify the configuration process and guide customers to the best solution in even the most complex of product structures.
See how Oracle Global Order Promising Cloud can increase customer service and reduce order fulfillment costs by solving common supply availability problems.
Integrate your applications, automate processes, and gain immediate business value with Oracle's Quote to Cash Solution.
View this brief video for a demo on how Oracle Supply Chain Cloud can enable the CTO drop ship process flow.
Does the thought of upgrading your costly on-premises applications sound like a bear? Experience the core value proposition of moving to the cloud by realizing the benefit of partnering with a single, integrated cloud vendor like Oracle.
In a trip through the modern supply chain, see how Oracle SCM Cloud provides end to end business processes throughout the supply chain.
Complete Order to Cash can be achieved with Order Management Cloud. View an order captured for a standard product with a simple and intuitive user experience that flows seamlessly to inventory fulfillment and then to receivables.
View this video to see how Order Management Cloud orchestrates the entire Order to Cash process for a configured product. Order Management Cloud has a simple and intuitive user experience for capturing the order that flows seamlessly to manufacturing for fulfillment and then to receivables.
Order Management Cloud is a single, integrated solution. View an order promised directly from a supplier to the customer location with the Purchase Order automatically created in ERP Cloud and sent electronically to the supplier for fulfillment and then to receivables.
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