Intuitive Visual Interaction
A simple, seamless experience removes the boundaries between discovery and display, making it easy to see your data, work with visualizations, and create compelling stories
Powerful Mobile
Self-learning mobile app infuses data-driven insights into daily activities and also leverages voice capabilities to obtain answers
Smart Insights
Automated visual insights highlight points of interest in the data prior to direct user interaction
Self-Service Data Preparation
Quickly connect to the data you want, then easily blend and prepare data in dynamic data flows


Visual Stories
Capture insights and comments to create interactive stories you can share across the organization
Analytics Everywhere
Embed insights into the day-to-day experience of others in preferred applications and portals
What-if Analysis
Rapidly collaborate on the analytic data, including modeling multiple assumptions and their effect on the business
Formalize collaboration and share approved models across a wide audience

Enterprise Class

Business Model Layer
Easily build a semantic layer or use existing on-premises models to leverage business definitions in all your analytics
Interactive Dashboards
Configurable dashboards enable you to quickly analyze and manage activity across the entire system
Advanced Analytics
Select interactive visualizations and automatically create advanced calculations to reveal the insights in your data
Role-based application security controls data visibility and access to content


Resources can be scaled to adjust for the changing nature of your workloads
Automated Administration
Deploy patches and create/restore backups at a click of a button
Process Automation
Automate life cycle management tasks using RESTful APIs to implement reusable and repeated processes
Fast Setup
Immediately create environments to speed deployment
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