Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Notifications

Broadcast messages to distributed components through a publish-subscribe pattern, delivering secure, highly reliable, low latency and durable messages for applications hosted on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or third-party applications.

Easy to Use

Delivery Assurance
Messages will always be attempted to be delivered to a destinatione. Notifications is built to handle all the complex logic of scale, endpoint outages, and latency management.
Use our direct point-to-point integration for protocols such as email and HTTP, with more protocols added constantly over time. As a managed service, leverage it as a gateway for both internal Oracle services and external integrations without the overhead of keeping up to date on protocol semantics.
Oracle EcoSystem
Notifications come integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure products and services. Start managing your infrastructure intelligently with built-in Notifications support for services such as Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring.


Identity and Access Controls
Notifications provides integration with Identity and Access Management, enabling the implementation of control policies keeping access to data safe and secure.
Subscription confirmation
Manage your subscribers and ensure that a subscriber endpoint can't be spammed. Messages are sent only to registered endpoints that require an explicit opt-in from a subscriber to be valid.

Performance & Scale

Reliable, Durable and Highly Available
Messages will now never get lost and reach their destination because Notifications is a managed service that ensures high reliability, durability, and availability. Our performance guarantees the safest way to decouple your services.
Optimize Efficiency
Notifications service uses a “push” model eliminating the overhead of constant pulls for updates, which helps to be efficient and focuses on cost savings.
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1-800-633-0738 (United States)

Call us now
1-800-633-0738 (United States)

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