Notifications is a fully managed publish-subscribe service that allows for messages to be pushed with massive scale and reliability


Application Integration

Purpose-built to support massive Fanout with built-in integrations for popular messaging protocols, third-party applications, and Oracle Cloud Services.

Intelligent Delivery

Notifications supports at least once delivery with continual retries up to a max of two hours from the time the message is published to a topic. With complex logic built in to handle endpoint outages and latency, Notifications is built for any scale.


Integration with the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Identity and Access Management (IAM) provide support to set access control policies keeping messages secured.

Simplified Pricing

Pricing is intuitive, simple and elastic; customers pay only for what they use with pay per message delivery.

Subscription Management

Manage subscriptions through the Oracle Console or programmatically via the SDK or API to allow for greater control and flexibility.


The service is designed to handle burst in traffic, be highly available, and provides performance guarantees in case of domain failures.

Use Cases

Alarms and Alerts

Simplify and automate operations with Notifications by triggering when applications' alerts a violation of a policy. For example, with built-in support for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Monitoring, users can receive alerts instantly by either email or via custom HTTP support for PagerDuty.

Protocol and Application Integration Management

Notifications help to send your message to a growing list of endpoints with enterprise scale and reliability of a managed service. With consistently growing protocol support, reach the target destination for use cases ranging from replicating monitoring logs from one server to multiple servers, sending notifications to numerous interested parties, or even synchronizing the moving parts of a distributed application.

Event Driven Automation

Easily integrate with any existing workflow software to build for auto-generate reminders, approvals, and even send due date notifications to ensure support for the internal process of an organization.

Messaging as a Utility

Organizations can implement Notifications to help deliver payloads between internal software components. Whatever information the application of your choice sends: XML, JSON, binary data, etc... can be sent to the right destination with an assurance of being stored temporarily and then transmitted. This allows for any service-to-service communication such as new user registration to handling backlogs of tasks that need to be executed such as e-commerce payment submission, to tracking any state change notifications such as when a shipment has been finally shipped, and the customer is alerted with tracking information.

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