NoSQL Database

A NoSQL database service with on-demand throughput and storage based provisioning that supports JSON, Table and Key-Value datatypes, all with flexible transaction guarantees.

Enterprise Grade Security

  • SSL over the network
  • Encryption at rest
  • OAuth authentication
  • Role based access control


Scale as needed based on your workloads. Elastically expand storage and throughput, paying only for what you need. You pay only for the resources that you consume. Optimize operational expenses.

On-Prem to NoSQL Database

Ability to run Oracle NoSQL either in your datacenter or as a fully managed cloud service. Easily run your on-prem implementation in a cloud service with all the benefits of using the Oracle Cloud.

Fast and Consistent Performance

Oracle NoSQL Database delivers predictable single digit millisecond latencies, even as applications scale up to meet workload demands. Developers can focus on delivering rich application functionality while Oracle NoSQL Database focuses on delivering predictable low latencies and automatic scaling.

Zero Administration

Oracle NoSQL Database is a server-less datastore that provides all back end administration, furnishing your application with auto-scaling, low request latency, and high availability so that developers can focus on delivering business value. Developers just connect their applications to Oracle NoSQL Database and start writing and reading data.

Flexible Data Models

Utilize key/value, fixed schema, or ad-hoc JSON from Oracle NoSQL Database. Applications can utilize simple request APIs or rich declarative SQL over ad-hoc JSON as well as fixed schema data.
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Call us now
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