Adaptive Intelligent Apps for CX

Adaptive Intelligent Apps for Commerce, Marketing, Sales, and Service Professionals

Oracle AI Apps for CX is a suite of AI and data-driven features that help improve acquisition, basket size, conversion, lift, loyalty, and consumer satisfaction by delivering personalized, seamless experiences and guided actions to first-time visitors, known consumers, and users.

Engage Smarter

Oracle AI Apps for CX (Marketing and Commerce) helps marketers and digital commerce professionals engage smarter with optimized marketing orchestrations, connected audiences, next-best product recommendations, intuitive search, and open-time content features. These AI and data-driven features deliver smarter, real-time personalized interactions tailored to each individual customer, ensuring the right context for marketing and consumer experiences.

Sell Smarter

Oracle AI Apps for CX (Sales and Service) provides AI and data-driven, in-the-moment intelligence to identify and direct sales reps to the opportunities with the highest win probabilities, providing next-best actions to improve sales conversion.

Serve Smarter

The future-use cases of Oracle AI Apps for CX (Sales and Service) will guide service and sales reps to serve smarter with automated answers. AI and web-scale data will drive instant and accurate responses to customer inquiries to improve the service experience and reduce cost-to-serve.


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AI Apps for CX—Commerce and Marketing
Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Apps are data-driven, artificial intelligence apps that enable connected intelligence and deliver smarter outcomes.
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