Lifecycle Management
Automate administrative tasks such as provisioning, patching and backup via MySQL Cloud Service web console, command line or simple REST API
Automated Backup and Recovery
Use MySQL Enterprise Backup to deliver hot, online, non-blocking backups with high performance
Management Tools
Use MySQL Enterprise Monitor, Query Analyzer & MySQL Workbench to manage and monitor the performance and availability of all your MySQL instances


Elastic Resources
Scale compute and storage resources or use MySQL Replication to add or remove replicas as needed
MySQL Thread Pool
Scale MySQL thread counts as workload and client connections change

High Availability

MySQL Replication
Provide flexible topologies for high availability
Replication Monitor
Monitor replication topology and get real-time visibility into performance, availability and health of all MySQL Masters and Slaves

Data Access

Oracle Cloud Services Integration
Seamlessly integrate with other Oracle Cloud Services such as Java Cloud Service and Application Container Cloud Service
Administrative Access
Administrative access via SSH, MySQL clients and other MySQL API compliant tools


MySQL Enterprise Authentication
Authenticate MySQL users by leveraging your existing directory services and security rules
MySQL Enterprise Firewall
Guard against cyber security threats by providing real-time protection against database specific attacks
MySQL Enterprise Encryption
Protect sensitive data stored in MySQL, backup, or during transfer. MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption provides data at rest encryption and secure key management
MySQL Enterprise Audit
Provide detailed audit trail to track MySQL access and usage
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Call us now
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