Dynamic Messaging for Business Workflow Agility
Oracle Messaging Cloud Service provides an infrastructure that enables communication between software components by the sending and receiving of messages via a single messaging API and establishing a dynamic and automated business workflow environment
  • Reliable
    Highly available message queues for use by applications at anytime
  • Standards-Based
    Send and receive messages through JMS and a RESTful Web Service API
  • Flexible
    Point-to-point communication with Queues or Publish/Subscribe with Topics
  • Simple Pricing
    Pricing based on the messaging needs of your applications
Standardized Interfaces
Industry standard for sending and receiving messages through applications hosted in Java Cloud Service
RESTful Web Service
Connect applications using powerful JMS concepts over HTTP
Message Push over HTTP
Push messages over HTTP to systems on-premises or 3rd party applications
Java Cloud Service
Send and Receive messages via JMS
Send and Receive messages via RESTful Web Service
Hybrid Cloud
Send and Receive messages from the Cloud to On-premise and vice-versa
Delivery Choices
Recieve new messages at a frequency and concurrency that suits you
Receive messages via HTTP push as soon as they land on a Destination
Use Message Selectors to conditionally receive only the messages you are interested in
Reliability Mechanisms
Group multiple sends and receives into atomic operations from JMS and RESTful Web Services
Define what it means for your application to successfully receive a message
Durable Subscriptions
Easily tolerate network connectivity issues when subscribing to a Topic
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