Talent and Workplace Agility

Oracle helps media and entertainment companies address the challenges they are facing to transition and succeed in the digital world; the battle for scale and for content origination leads M&E companies to anticipate the battle for talent. Oracle helps M&E companies plan for the future as they seek to attract, develop, and retain talent. Additionally, Oracle helps M&E companies create an empowering collaborative digital workplace to improve productivity.
Identify, Attract, and Hire the Best Talent
Attracting the best talent is critical to M&E as talent defines the quality of your content or the services you offer to consumers. Oracle HCM Cloud simplifies the hiring process of new candidates through social media and enables the matching of candidates to job requirements to make the overall hiring processes easier.
Enhance Employee Experience
M&E companies need fast and efficient onboarding and training of new employees. At the same time, there is an opportunity to provide a digital workplace to enhance overall employee experience. HCM Cloud is designed to make the onboarding, training, and social collaboration processes easier with the use of personalized digital tools.
Maximize Talent Development
M&E employees are unique, mobile, and reactive. Often there is a high degree of contingent work, particularly in production. With HCM Cloud, M&E companies can invest in personnel development and create a digital workplace to maximize productivity and collaboration. Additionally, M&E companies can align incentives to performance and reduce risk through succession planning.

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REPORT: HCM Cloud Benchmark

This report will provide customers with a glimpse into the benefits organizations could expect to achieve from the implementation and adoption of Oracle HCM Cloud.

REPORT: Create Tomorrow, Today—Oracle HCM Cloud, Simply Powerful

Our focus on improving employee experience and talent processes, world-class extensibility, and relentless commitment to innovation has led to Oracle being recognized as a Leader by Gartner for the third year in a row.

REPORT: HCM in Media and Entertainment

Business is changing. Your role is changing. There's a war for talent. Can you win?

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